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We Stock and sell quality firearms and accessories at reasonable prices

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215 Industrial Boulevard
Moore, Oklahoma 73160
M-F 11:00-5:00
And you will be saying what others are about the high quality of the item, and about us having everything you could possibly nee or want for your AR15/M16 build, and the quality of the weapons we sell!

At Mark’s firearms we have knowledge and experience to help you in your choice in acquiring the correct weapon to be used to do the job you have in mind the correct way.   Whether it is concealed carry, home defense, military, law enforcement, covert activities, tribal patrol, weapon collecting, target shooting, or hunting.

Let us help you purchase a quality weapon in a safe, easy way, saving you money.
 If you are a dealer, wanting dealer pricing and information we will need a copy of your FFL, and state tax permit on file along with some information about your company, before we can grant you access to our dealer section.  Contact us first to start the process.  We work closely with our dealers to help them make their businesses a success.

Mark's Firearms Forum is now on line and working, you can buy, sell, trade with no fee.  Also learn how to build and take care of your weapon.  Just click on the Mark's Firearms Forum button!

                                  MAKE SURE YOU VISIT THE GALLERY OF GUNS!

Visit the Mark's Firearms around the state at these Oklahoma Gun Show Events:

Feb 8th - 9th Ada, Pontotoc county fairgrounds ARPC End of Summer Gun Show
April 5th - 6th  Tulsa, Tulsa Fairgrounds, Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show
Nov 8th - 9th  Tulsa, Tulsa Fairgrounds, Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show
April 11th - 12th  Tulsa, Tulsa Fairgrounds, Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show
Nov. 14th - 15th  Tulsa, Tulsa Fairgrounds, Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show
April 2th - 3rd  Tulsa, Tulsa Fairgrounds, Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show
Nov 12th - 13th  Tulsa, Tulsa Fairgrounds, Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show

  Mark’s Firearms is the Oklahoma Distributor/Dealer for:
Alexander Arms

ArmaLite Inc.
Beta C-MAG
Black Rain Ordnance
Command Arms Accessories CAA
 Daniel Defense
DPMS Panther Firearms
ERGO (Falcon Industries)
Field Sport
Noveske Rifle Works
E3 Arms
Rock River
Stag Arms
Spikes Tactical
Yankee Hill Machine
and many more

Made by The Beta Co.  

In use by military forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide, C-MAG boosts the capacity of 5.56mm and 9mm weapons to an impressive 100 rounds, while increasing firing stability and lowering the weapon's overall profile. NATO APPROVED, C-MAG is the prov en high capacity magazine that meets and exceeds rigorous military specifications. 

Don't buy the cheap knock off's they will jam, being a waste of your money.  

Contact us for your orders,
we will do our best not be undersold!


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